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1. The history of the hospital.

The central city hospital in Kovrov is a multidisciplinary medical institution that provides primary health care, specialized and high-tech medical care. The history of the hospital begins in 1976, when, by order of D.F.Ustinov, the Minister of Defense of the USSR, work began on the construction of a hospital complex with a hospital and a clinic. All large industrial enterprises of the city of Kovrov participated in the construction. A large contribution to the construction and establishment of the hospital complex was made by the staff of the plant named after V.A. Degtyarev.

In 1978 the medical part of the plant named after V.A. Degtyarev received the first patients. In 1986, a «children’s building» and a children’s clinic were commissioned. The hospital structure included 22 specialized diagnostic and treatment departments equipped with the latest domestic and foreign medical equipment. The medical part of the V.A. Degtyarev plant was one of the first in the Vladimir region to use the latest diagnostic and treatment methods: the use of laser technology, radioisotopes, an artificial hemodialysis system and hyperbaric oxygenation.

2. Services.

The hospital provides a large list of doctors and services you can go to. Such as an x-ray, therapist, caridologist, surgery and many others.

3. The administration of the hospital.

Head physician — Zinchenko Anton Sergeevich — (49232) 3-86-09

Deputy Chief Medical Officer — Salamatina Natalya Georgievna — (49232) 3-86-18

Deputy Chief Physician for Surgery — Nikolay Timofeev — phone (49232) 3-86-60

Deputy chief doctor for expert work — Moskaleva Larisa Sergeevna — phone (49232) 3-89-00

Deputy head doctor for organizational and methodological work — Olga Kuzminova — phone (49232) 6-93-30

You can also send an email. letter to muz_cgb@kovrov.ru

Contact Information.

Mailing address: 601915, Vladimir Region, Kovrov, st. Spruce, d. 5

e-mail: muz_cgb@kovrov.ru

Reception of the adult clinic: 3-81-32

Reception of children’s clinic: 3-82-60

Travel by shuttle bus: “5”, “14”, “15” to the stop “Hospital complex”

Directions by trolley: «4», «9» to the stop «Hospital complex»

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